About Daria Killinger

A practicing equine attorney, I've loved animals all my life; Dogs, cats, birds
and particularly horses, my menagerie fluctuates, but it's a constant source of
entertainment. To counteract the rigors of corporate law (past life), I found
left-brain expression in my camera, and a ready cast of subjects underfoot.
Until recently, I enjoyed the results, and shared them only with close friends
and family. Encouragement can be a dangerous thing in the hands of friends . .
. suffice it to say, I entered a few photo contests with modest success. Thus,
spurred onward, I now offer my photographic services on a commission basis.
My love and knowledge of horses and animals in general, together with a bit of
'natural' talent (& lots of luck), has enabled me to often capture the essence of the
relationship between these amazing creatures and their significant providers.

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